Arthroscopic ACL Surgery

Laparoscopic surgical treatment is performed by ACL to repair partially ruptured or fully torn ACL. ACL injuries represent about 40% of all sports injuries and can cause pain and instability in the long term. There are two types of ACL knee surgery, usually performed on the basis of injury or ACL repair surgery or the severity of the LL.R. reconstruction.

In most cases, ACL knee surgery is currently done by arthroscopy. Through a small hole, this laparoscopic surgical procedure is accompanied by the placement of a special camera and surgical instruments in the knee.

Usually known as “viewing operation”. The big advantage is that the surgeon can assess the joint and repair any injuries without opening the entire joint. Because of the low knee trauma it accelerates medicine.

What is ACL injury?

Laparoscopic ACL surgery is recommended when ACL has significant damage. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a pair of ligaments in the central part of the knee joint, which provides stability. It is a very strong ligament, but if there is a lot of stress, the fibers begin to burst. With enough force it can completely break.

ACL injuries are mostly because:

1) A sudden and uncomfortable knee collision, p. For example knee-drop or too much increase

2) Direct shock: on the outside of the knee, when the feet are placed on the ground, R. For example, athletes wearing athletes

3 degrees of ACL injury:

Grade 1: the ligament is spread dramatically and fibers less than 10% are torn. It must be treated naturally within a few weeks.

Grade 2: Ligaments remain intact on the cracks of the fibers. This can be treated with a rehabilitation program or may require laparoscopic ACL surgery.

Third line: the whole ligament was broken, that is, it broke in half. Usually laparoscopic knee surgery is required.

Types of laparoscopic ACL procedures

Laparoscopic ACL surgery is performed to restore knee stability.

For the treatment of ACL-injuries

2 types of surgery and both contribute to arthroscopy.

1) ACL repair surgery:

Arthroscopic ACL repair surgery is performed when the muscles are separated from the bone (so-called aviation). The ligament is connected to the bone and remains on site. If the ligament partially breaks, repairs are sometimes made. The surgeon attached the ligament to heal the back. However, there is a high failure rate, so in most cases it is best to have repairs made from repairs.

2) Confirm the ACL:

If there are more damage or persistent problems with pain and instability, the torn muscles are removed and replaced with an implant, usually taken from the tendons of the hamstrings or tendon.

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