Metaphors Gone Wild: Ceilings and Empowerment

The Spanish philosopher José Ortega or Gasa described metaphorical metaphors. They have referred to him as the most fertile and productive forces on earth. If you do not use this power, you lose the opportunity to show the image of strength.

When I thought about this, for the first time a simple metaphor for the first word appeared in the Wall Street Journal and was transferred to the White House. The term “glass roof” was a reference that prevented women from climbing on the ladder of success in different places of work. In 1991 the White House Council gave women and girls the “Glass Roof Initiative”, so that women and minorities could help to get ahead in business.

Employment of CHRYSLER

When CEO Robert Eaton was asked that the benefits in 1995 246 How he %, he answered one word: “Empowerment.” A simple word. Are there specific ways in which employees are encouraged to feel competent?

If this is not the case, consider the attitude of employees. If you are not an administrator, look at the possibility to use the course where necessary, together with the staff of your organization.

From a five-year perspective, people will have to consider how much responsibility they will accept for a given project. While he is working on the steps of responsibility with the followers, he will say this.

The fifth level, the highest, is the announcement of interdependence. If he lives at this level, he basically says that he wants to take full responsibility for the result. As a player of the fifth level, do not inform anyone. (Of course, such a decision also means that you take full responsibility with your power). You are 100% responsible for the schedule, under which process the subject and the product you have produced.

Level 4, where about 80% of the energy is used, you have to talk. You have an idea to improve some aspects of your business, you get the approval of those forces that will become projects and will be launched. However, he is prepared to take some responsibility, so he appoints someone to do something. You take care of the work of the person and are fully responsible for this. You work as a manager at this level.

At the next level you and another person (usually your manager) are responsible for 50/50 to implement a certain plan. While the previous two levels ran from top to bottom, this agreement is a parallel agreement, two-way traffic. You can get an optimization plan or your manager can hand it over to you. In both cases you can describe what you intend to do. Once you have agreed, you should report the progress to your manager on the way from time to time. Responsibility and responsibility are shared on this level in the same way.

If you do not have the time or inclination to fully follow the project, you may want to work on the second level, INTRODUCTION Once the need for improvement or probability has been identified, an effort will be made to find out whether this effort is possible . If you decide after your search that this is a viable project, you pass it on to another person who will take about 80% of the responsibility for you. Most of the responsibility comes to that person. It was only recruited at the beginning of the project, but the viability of the project is responsible for the accuracy and accuracy of the research. At this stage you definitely need to be in a secondary position.

Author: nirob