Metaphors Gone Wild: Vaults and Feedback

Mutual exchange is a safe, which is the best contact. Those who understand that good communication is a great art that constantly improves its technical skills. In particular they dominated both narrow lines that were produced by extensive brush strokes and regular high-line brushes. Some people know how to use a metaphor airbrush.


Another point of consideration here: This is a gift that allows you to move on to someone else. Here are some suggestions for making comments, whether you want to introduce a family member, colleague or friend.

  • Do you have exchange goals?
  • In order to achieve this goal, you must make preparations where possible.
  • Select the correct message, correct time. The right place
  • Ignore inappropriate humor, ridicule or low comments.
  • Create a comfortable environment.
  • Get the item as soon as possible. / li>
  • Divide important information as quickly as possible.
  • Participating in time to discuss the comments went later, assuming that the recipient was open to hearing the reactions at first.
  • Be consistent with body language.
  • Promote questions.
  • Listen well
  • Deliver real data, not judge.
  • Do you have specific examples to explain your position?
  • Focus on the most important issues.
  • Take care of the well-being of another person. Do not bring any strange situations that no one has control over.
  • Try to avoid ethics or compare it with others.
  • Is the recipient’s control to establish from time to time to understand / agree.
  • Make sure the other person knows that you are willing to help you with these steps, be interested and available.

    Find feedback

    Yes, another metaphor: the reaction process is two-way traffic. If you provide comments to help others improve the situation, your own corrections depend on the comments you have received. The following suggestions will help you to improve this process.

    • Become direct. Suppose you want to hear from someone else. If you do not, wait until your request is correct.

Author: nirob