Never Kiss A Parrot

Beware of pets that are healthy wounds!

If you give him an unwanted kiss, can he give you a tie? This is another method to spell “deadly gravity” … and when you do it, you have to be careful with jumping fleas (zeros, scratches!) And fleet (Eea !!) Caterpillars – scary hair too. .

If you suddenly experience high fever , chills and headaches, you might think you have malaria. Or even pneumonia This can be your doctor. Then you can start with many anti-malarial medicines, even the resistant malaria. It will not improve, so it will turn into a strong antibiotic. Again, do not go. Then they will both break their heads in despair. But in the end, if your doctor is sufficiently aware, he will ask if you have a bird. You will reply in confirmation. Suddenly his face will shine with the expression “Eureka” You have seen that you suffer from psittacosis.

Then come, let’s say, manas. It is a disease transmitted by birds to humans. If parrots and parrots are criminals, forgive me, tech or ornithosis, the word is used. Other birds with this disease are pigeons and poultry (although chicken disease is very rare). In addition to the above symptoms, your cough may be rough, dry and sporadic, sometimes some saliva and even blood may be produced. There is extensive pain in the body and back and neck muscles can be hard and painful, so that doctors can confuse the case of meningitis. Some patients feel tired, depressed, depressed and complain of insomnia. With a wide range of possible symptoms, it is easy to see how doctors can fool you. Especially when it is assumed that there may be additional complications of the disease, such as lungs or lungs with water, myocardial infarction or myocardial infarction or pericarditis. Illness can be deadly. In fact, to kiss the parrot, the birds (and after feeding) were not before they are at lunch, but by staying close to them, you can become a victim of bacterial cancer after one or two weeks of contact. . There is incubation period. Sometimes you have a mild, flu-like abnormality that can only occur.

But why take the chance? Illness can be diagnosed by X-rays. It shows an image that looks like pneumonia. Urine also contains proteins. But the confirmation test is a blood culture that reveals convincing bacteria. Otherwise, the overall picture of the disease may be confusing, with psychosis being confused with tuberculosis and infectious white blood cell disorders, as well as with other conditions mentioned above. Tetracycline is the best medicine for this disease.

Author: nirob