Technology Is Handicapping Millennials

One of the key characteristics that make us human is our ability to communicate. Every time we live in a healthy community life, we participate in face-to-face conversations, we respect and respect others, and we pay attention to the principles of ethics that then help us to live side by side without going into much division. I am not aware of any critical mass of people who live in a society at some point in history, who have survived times that live in total isolation from their immediate community, values ​​and communication practices. And most importantly: the ability to learn from their own mistakes over time. The smartphone has been blocking the millennial generation in this regard.

The smartphone was an obstacle to the generation of the millennium. I’ve heard it. You can ask … Why do you say this teacher? Let me explain why by giving you an example of real life that changed interactively with humans of the opposite sex.

As a child, I struggled to talk to girls face to face. I was very shy and, literally, I was afraid to talk to a girl separately … I had a terrible fear of rejection at that moment. Although these feelings are not strange to young children, today I know that the levels of shyness (and, therefore, the inability to talk to someone of the opposite sex) were at that time higher than most children who were shy in my generation.

Like most children in her teens, she was not prepared to make personal contacts with a woman. I still remember this beautiful girl named Peggy that I really had to soften. It was nice, nice, and in my fortune … it looked like me. The fact that we have never been on a date has nothing to do with his own abilities. Everything had to do with mine. Could not initiate a meaningful conversation with her to allow her to request it on time. My total loss … I knew it. However, my inability to break the ice and continue a sincere dialogue with a girl made me stop thinking why I did not succeed in my love efforts. I spent some time thinking about this question and then BINGO! In the end, I learned what the girls like about my fight. “They love to talk” most of the time. I thought … well, if girls like to talk, then I need to be a good listener. The rest of my friends, it’s history.

Look, I did not need a smartphone to make me feel better or learn to talk to a girl. My humanity helped me to enjoy other teenagers and teenage adults, just by stopping and thinking about what is obvious. During most of the teenage years (up to the age of 16), I had difficulty talking to girls. Some may consider the former as a “bad” life experience. Well, I see these earlier conflicts differently today. I thank God for how things ended in my life in this sense and I have the ability to face the problem and find a possible solution like man.

When I was 16 years old, there were no smartphones. My parents had cell phones at that time, something unusual for Brazilians in the 1990s, but they were not smart. I did not have the opportunity to connect online to feel better because I could not talk to a girl. As I do not have any technology, I had to face the problem and develop very important life skills: critical thinking and understanding.

Author: nirob