The New Communications

A global movement in communication and information technology can be very worrying for even the most pessimistic pessimists. In almost a hundred years time, such a jump has been made that a person who died 20 years ago and is now awake, becomes more confused than Rebus van Winkle, who did not live and live for a hundred years.

With this huge step

only handing out hands “we break the old values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we value. Automate today’s order relationships. Two people sitting next to each other can practice the art of physiological discussions and like to believe in whatsapp. The interactive flow of natural energy is cut. It has progressed, but it has caused a crisis within families. The cold intellectual calculations are on the ground. Even people who communicate with other natural resources have trouble with the robot world.

But there is a different kind of communication, although it is not spread, but also evolves. A small increase in clairvoyance, clairvoyance and clairvoyance, and even a rare gift called intellectual sensation. This will definitely not increase in the distant future, because it will be the way to the future elite. Many people have already started experimenting with changes in their psychological perspective, in dreams and clock hours. However, these are people who often deal with such matters, some of which are related to so-called Sufi groups that use artificial stimuli from such inner senses. Unfortunately, some may experience strange reactions, especially in their dreams, where their subsidiaries, only a few of them have access to the evidence, try a lot to contact them. But the sanctity of most of them will be a blessing to save them, but they can go through cleanliness to find the right path.

The right path is the path to accurate knowledge of the building laws, which can be summarized as the law of love that manifests itself in three effects: law of attraction, law of sowing, slaughter and law of attraction All under the rule love is maintained, because love is the greatest force that is present in this universe. The old saying goes: Omar Vincent Omania. Love conquers all difficulties. Details will be found in more than three sections in the book “Really Truth” from the book “Abdul Qadir Shin”.

Author: nirob