The Potential Of Connecting With People

I have met many leaders who believe: “The moment I climb the ladder, I can work on my own path because people have to listen to me.” It is very dangerous. It is a fact that your ultimate success depends on your ability to enter into relationships with people.

The damage caused by poor communication is sometimes irreversible and can have a domino effect, such as stress and a negative working environment. This can lead to loss of self-confidence and low morale, which can lead to a good termination of employees. Misunderstandings can also lead to confusion, which can lead to misunderstandings and possible mistakes. When customers record it, this can damage the company’s loss and relationships.

Communicate with the heart

Remember that you have talked to people, not computers!

The only basic rule that I think is that everyone should adopt what I call a sincere contact. Today, office workers rarely visit their partner’s office to participate in personal contact. Instead, Skype, Slack and other Instant Messaging tools are used to connect. Although they are useful to talk with resisting customers and virtual employees, but when they are in the same room, there is no excuse. But this happens more than ever and when this happens, the possibility of communication and collaboration will literally disappear. You also lose the ability to read other clues that you normally encounter with body language, gestures, facial expressions and other things.

There is the most complete form and power of face-to-face communication. I hope that more people will stop avoiding it and instead take it and work for you. There are many possibilities that can arise from communication with another person.

This is not rocket science

Working on a better communicator is a continuous process, but it is not difficult to start. It can be as easy as working on a few small things in one day. To begin with, here is one of my favorite lists: People Skills for Everyday of the Week:

Monday: laugh and be positive. It is very simple, but for some it is very difficult.

Tuesday: use the name of another person. When you speak to someone, use your name in an informal way. For example, instead of saying “try this, it’s a great idea,” it’s a great idea, Bob! “

Wednesday: use immediately, gentle contact with the eyes. Now it is difficult for most people, but it has a very positive impact on the other person.

Thursday: Listen! Many people like to talk about themselves, but learn to listen effectively to some of the skills of the strong people.

Friday: practice … Big difference (Strange Strange). Go out and talk. This will only improve your skills on people by practicing, so take advantage of the opportunities you can lose.

Author: nirob