Unintegrated Primitive Reflexes May Be Hindering Your Life

Last year I found the subject of primitive reflections several times and I was really interested a month ago when I decided to follow an online training on this subject.

Doing something in my body was always hard for me, and if I knew that answers did not go together, I realized why I? / />.

It happened that the only person who trained in New Zealand on the website of the rhythmic movement was with me for 8 minutes. So far, a session with him, who specializes in chemistry, worked on the body’s light to successfully integrate the reaction.

These answers can be added at any age in life.

I think of all the symptoms that have influenced my life and me, I have a reflex reflex and an active reflex. Everything now matters a lot. Reading this session makes me cry because I am attached to all of this.


The reflection is an automatic and repetitive movement that is easy to assist in development, as well as in the development of the brain. We have many reflections, like flashes, but what I want to talk about are primitive reactions. These are the reactions that are made in the womb and hope to be inactive at the stage of a small child.

Sucking and constipation are primitive reactions. These and other reflections are designed to change into more advanced movements and are therefore integrated. They form the basis and develop balance, movement, hearing, speech, vision, learning and communication.

Reflections are not integrated

There are many reasons why these reactions cannot be eliminated, ie immunity in childhood, maternal stress during pregnancy, illness, environmental toxins, and many other reasons. It can be reactivated at any time in life, often as a result of shocks and stress, and this causes many problems ranging from anxiety, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, depression, learning disabilities, sensory disorders, disbelief Can do Excessive shame and vision. A persistent sense of hearing problems, addiction, autism, and fatigue

Reflective movements are the basis of our nervous system. They are produced in the brainstem, so they actually revolve around surviving and remain incomplete, so that the person constantly fights or runs away. Parts of the body can not move freely and independently and can make great efforts to relieve weak muscle tone, muscle pain, fatigue, fatigue and work.

Author: nirob