Your Silence Is Deafening: How to Create INSTANT MAGIC With a Few Simple Words

Your Silence Is Deafening: How to Create INSTANT MAGIC With a Few Simple Words

I have to take you on a short journey, stating that if you want to include loyal customers and employees and keep track of, communication is important.

I am at the airport, waiting in line, I am waiting for my turn to order a very important cup of coffee at 6.10 am. I go to the reception and appreciate the cashier and say “Good morning!”


Because he thought he simply did not listen to me, I repeated “good morning”.

His presence congratulates me on my return, when in fact he presses his lips to show me that he will not say a word. Okay, you’ve heard me clearly that he does not want to talk to me.

After completing a purchase, I can not help it and comment: “You know it’s unfair to refuse to talk to someone when they talk to you.”

The manager listens to my comments and asks about the problem and apologizes to the cashier when I explain what has happened. (A week later: the same cashier is present, working in the same way with all the customers in the class, so I bought Morning Coffee from the second supplier of that day, although I like coffee the first time). .. a big ah … and go back to your favorite coffee supplier.)

I know that some of you are walking around in your eyes and saying, “How can you be happy in the morning?” You understand, but if you are one of those people who do not want to be happy and want to prove happiness to people tomorrow, this is not a place for you.

The problem is that one or two simple words cause direct magic for every person you’ve behaved. Greetings “Good morning” or “How can I help you?” (In fact, almost every word) must have overcome the bad manners and the indifferent attitude towards leading customers and colleagues.

This habit should not just follow “someone else”. We also have to do it ourselves in our daily lives. For example, I stood for Self-Service Beverages and Landfill Machines (back to the airport), when coffee was poured into my quote. As I struggled with bags, food and wet napkins, when I tried to remove my coffee before turning blue, I felt that my traveling companions were impatient because they were in my neighborhood.

I turned around and said, “Sorry, I only have coffee in my coat.” Magical moment! My partner understood a little discomfort (and I immediately became silent) and was very helpful. One of them offered Vetnap, who was in his bag and offered to give me another cup of water with the announcement that it was better to use it (he will go back to the sink and ask for a new cup. fall Will be

The two most important explanatory words were all that had prompted the inconvenience to be immediately friendly and helpful.

Author: nirob